Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre - Christmas

Aricia would miss the Christmas Eve party in school, as such I decided to bring in the children's goodie packs few days earlier. (sigh.. we tend to miss out something every year. If it's not the concert; it's the Xmas party)

Che-che was with me the whole day, we went over to mei-mei's school around 11am.
Bought a logcake. I dunno why teacher briefed kids "Aricia's mummy bought a cake because she is leaving" Not really! We're coming back after our trip

Then what to sing? Cake = songs. It can't be a Happy Birthday song to Aricia so I suggested to sing a Happy Birthday song to Jesus
which we had some kids deviating the song to Happy Birthday to Alden. Huh? It was good fun

With her N2 teachers

Giving out goodie packs

Simple celebration. With that, it's going to be a countdown. Another 2 more days in school after our holidays and then it's goodbye to MMI

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