Friday, December 10, 2010

Long day - 10th Dec

I had promised S that they could come to our house next week but then looking at their timing and my timing. I can't seem to find any day which I am free the whole day. Sigh..........tell you this school holiday is like any ordinary school day for me

I had the intention of signing che-che up for the Scrapbooking class on Friday, today, while I send mei-mei to school. I can "eat snake" a little on my own.
However, at last minute asked the girls to join us for class. In the end, mei-mei didn't go to school as well. A bit troublesome to leave my friend there while I leave to pick her up. Not that I make good company .... know what I mean.

The girls went for their class while ML and myself fuss about that lil' girl, who was really angry for being left out.

About 2 hours later, we picked the girls up and they showed us their masterpieces. Very nice!

Adjourned to Coffee Bean for the kids to have some snacks. The kids played ... on iPhone. Wah.... we brought the kids out and they were in their own iWorld.
We proceeded to TM thereafter for mei-mei's class and a Xmas Party.

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