Friday, December 17, 2010

Universal Studio - 13th Dec

Booked tickets to Universal Studios for the kids. However Iggy couldn't join us and I had a spare ticket. Made a last minute call to J's mummy the day before to check if J would be free. Phew! If not, it would have been $$ flown away!

Went over to pick mom and J (she stays close to mom) in the morning and off we go. Che-che was more excited than mei-mei who knows nothing about Universal Studios.

Photos for the day :
A $5 meal and $5 gift voucher are given for each ticket holder. May not seem alot, but it did come to a good use when I have $25 worth of meal and gift vouchers.

At the entrance
Ahh! Woody Woodpecker
The girls were really excited over Madagascar. Kept singing "we like to move it, move it.."
No prize for guessing which is che-che's fav character. She's the one who started the dance at home and then we had 2 wild kids at home

Aricia was brave enough to sit through the 4D show, refusing to let me put my hand across her to prevent her from falling off the seat (che-che and her friend chickened out and missed it) but ......she was afraid of these mascots. sigh...

Horrible weather - rain, stop, rain, stop

With that, we ended the day

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