Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my brownie! Oh my brownie!

Girl asked to bake as she hasn't done so for quite a long while.
I haven't done any replenishments on baking stuffs. Brownies sounded like a good idea as it requires the simplest ingredients. Tried a new recipe as I ran out of Top Flour, did a cake brownie instead.
So what's the difference between a fudge brownie and a cake brownie? One is supposedly higher than the other. One calls for All-Purpose Flour; the other Cake Flour. And ...?? read more here to get more answers

Here, ah girl whisking.
The outcome! Hmm.........I hate it when I get this kind of crumbly top when I am going to decorate them. Dense and chocolaty taste leh! Taste the same as fudge brownie to me??
Che-che decorating some brownies with more sinful 'heaty' stuffs

Her 'art' and she's so proud of them

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