Friday, December 25, 2009

Week 5 (21st Dec - )

21st Dec - Monday
SIL brought Leather over in the afternoon. She's going away for a week plus so we're dogsitting for her. She brought log cake for us. Hmm.... can forget about baking a logcake since we have a better tasting cake at home.
I didn't know what to do with the ornaments. So the very next day, 22nd, we embarked on our crafts. I had problem tearing off the label from one plastic container so made do with this microwaveable container.
Did a few more other crafts with che-che.

23rd - Wednesday
Celebration in school for mei-mei, while I brought che-che to PP. I'm so happy coz' I managed to do some more work with her this week. She was pretty upset that she couldn't have any Christmas party and was pretty jealous that mei-mei was going to have more presents than her. "not fair! not fair!" She kept asking for me to have a party at home with her friends. Nope! No intention to do anything this year though I must admit I felt rather uneasy when I 'didn't have anything to do'; I felt rather uneasy too when the house is so quiet. I needed a break. The year end is always filled with activities, tiring for me to single-handedly do every "project".
Mom is not having any celebration this year too coz' she's always tired out (like I do) when she has to bao-gar-liao everything. Anyway, we've been booked weeks before by B's (che-che's classmate) family for a Christmas dinner at their place on Christmas Day. So even if we had wanted any party, it wasn't really possible. Hmm... I have a "treasure box" with all the Christmas goodies.. what shall I do with it?
Photos taken in PP
Kids waiting for daddy. Lil' one kept shouting "where's daddy?? Oh.........daddy.......where are you?" Attracted alot of attention from strangers who found her rather amusing and laughed at her.
24th - Thursday
A day of doing nothing - I mean it's really nothing. I want to bake something, I always see those nice iced cookies and wanna do but so lazy. I've talked about making a logcake for donkey years but haven't got down to doing it. OMG! Remember I talked about doing traditional and snowskin mooncake this year? Nothing's done obviously!! Probably will wait many years later before I get a chance to do it. Haha! Then I thought probably I'll do a sinful chocolate biscotti for the kids (something not so tedious as a cookie cut cookie but not so lazy as a drop cookie) - duh! obviously I'm so LAZY coz' I can only dream and talk about it but nothing's done.

The day before, I bought them a new marker as their previous one were running out of ink. They did some drawing in the morning

In the afternoon, I promised Athena we'd decorate 2 cookies for Santa. Then I was so tired I fell asleep for 3 whole good hours. Day's gone just like that! I promised Aricia that I'll do the foam kit with her, she came to wake me up but I told her I'm really tired. Shucks! What's wrong with me??
Hubby decided to bring the kids out down town at 6+pm. Came back 3 hours later.
Slap chococlates on their cookie
Their cookie in their respective box. Cane= meimei, tree = cheche. Meimei seeing cheche writing, decided to scribble too. Her letter to santa is the blue paper

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