Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

The kids were jumping in glee - from what I heard (mei-mei's simply following her elder sister) and said "Santa came last night and gave alot of things". They ran into the room to rouse me up "mummy mummy Santa gave us things."

Che-che was tickled by the letter Santa mummy wrote to her.

She pointed her fingers at me the night before when we asked her if she remembered to buy carrots and apples for the reindeers "mummy... you never remind me.... we go to 7-11 to buy now." She likes it when there's 'alot alot of things' in the stockings. I had to make sure that those things I bought for her cannot be seen in common places eg. NTUC or Cold Storage shelves.
The kids reading the letter over and over again. Aricia mimicking her sister

Then the kids opened their presents. Aha! This year Aricia can finally rip the wrapping papers apart.

Mom, bro and SIL came by in the afternoon to pass them/us our pressies. Stayed for less than 2 hours and left.
We left home, too, for B's place.

In matching dresses
My 'hiao char bor' putting on make up
B and Athena

The party was cosy, we got to know some people and chatted. The kids were tired from lack of nap in the daytime and so we left a few hours later.

Mummy's tired too! Good night everyone

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