Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week 4 in a glance (14th Dec - 20th Dec)

Prior to the start of the school hols, I had asked che-che if she wanted to join the Shichida's holiday program. She didn't want it although I told her it's not academic based but basically some intuitive brainy stuffs. She didn't want citing that she had to be there the whole day. So signed her up for an academic-based in LW.

Being the sole chauffeur, I have to think about my logistics. This week alone, I've been hanging around PP very early in the morning till che-che's dismissed at 12pm. And then off we go to pick mei-mei up from her school. I was leading a very tai-tai life lor.... relax in the mornings by having a nice breakfast either in Ya Kun or KFC; read and play games on my phone. (Thanks to che-che I'm so hooked to the games now.)
I took the opportunity to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP - for Christmas presents and clothes for myself. After slimming down, I am so motivated to shop for nice clothes.. makes shopping fun. Hmm.. dowan to think about the cc bill - I will have to drink rain water to survive.

Wah.....share with you one very romantic talk I overheard. I buay tahan, not that I'm jealous hor.... it was too mushy!
In Cold Storage, I was already freezing cold and squatting to look at something. Then I heard one chinese man speaking in a nice english accent to his companion - a caucasian lady "Wow! You managed to find this. (dunno what the heck it was lah!) You are very good... you are very good in finding things. You are so good........ You are very good in finding things good...... (yah, he was really repeating himself) that's why you found me." WAH..........I almost turned into a statue at that spot siah! It was a man prob in his late 50s and his companion who don't look young at all. 第二春? I should think so.

Thursday -17th
Last Shichida class for the term. I'm dying for a break, I'm dying from a break from everything......I WANNA DUMP EVERYTHING ASIDE AND GO FOR HOLIDAY!!!!! I know I can only shout and nothing will materialize so just let me shout.
Yay! Shichida and Berries term break next week. I can nuah at home. No school for mei-mei too, so no need to leave house.

Friday - 18th
I was hoping to meet the Korean lady I met the day before to get her number. She brought her niece to the same class and only yesterday we talked to one another. Guess she was just trying to confirm something from me. And then we realised that - yes! we met in che-che's school. She's also a PV. I was surprised that she sent her niece over; not her daughter (from another class) for the class.
Did last minute shopping, suppose to plonk my butt in one corner in KFC till 11+ and surf the net. When I was doing my shopping, bumped into SW and her girl S. Great to see her. I thought it was only my girl but children now can choose their own clothes at this age. When we were at their age, we simply went along what our parents chose for us. Times are really different.

After I reached home, the children had their lunch. Train-ed down to Centrepoint. You can never miss a Sesame Street show for sure! Mei-mei declared she likes the red colour Elmo and che-che likes Abby Caddaby.
The next show, Le Cirque De La Ville was absolutely fabulous!
After the show, we walked slowly to Le Meridien for the children to have a snack and waited for hubby to finish his class.
Tired but wonderful day we had today.

OMG! tomorrow's 19th and I haven't been baking for the kids birth-month. Infact getting lazy and lazier.

Saturday - 19th
My children have too many toys. I had to junk some toys, toys that were given to them on their BDs etc.. most of them they've only played once. Rather wasteful to junk away but I didn't have a choice. Next time must be thick-skinned and tell everyone "please no more toys for my children".
I was too tired to do any baking for mei-mei. I wanna do something but .......... mentally tired. I dunno why I'm so tired. I thought I had been nuah-ing for quite a while?

Sunday - 20th
Mei-mei's school having a celebration on 23rd. Thought of doing something for the kids in school. Cookies are way too much job for me. As it is, we have baked the cookies for Santa but haven't got down to decorating the cookies. Wah........what's happening to me? My blogging is taking a long time; I've been so ...
Anyway, I decided to try something new. Milo agar-agar. I like it...the taste is like - Milo. Duh! Of course lah! But to cut that small tray to make into those Christmas cuts, I'll be left with alot of ends to eat. Multiply with the number of children in school - eh... I can't do it. I can always cut with the smaller Christmas cutters but the agar agars will be too small and may have to end up doing more.

In the end, I decided against the idea and opted for something even simpler. Using the cupcake liners I bought last year (I was suppose to do something with it but didn't get down to doing it). I melted the chocolate and mixed corn flakes in it. Sprinkled with Christmas colours quins and topped it with M&Ms. Now that's very simple and fast.
All ready to be brought into school.

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