Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back from hols

Back from hols. It was a good time for the family to get together; the cousins played together (for the first time).

This is the first time for a holiday, I'm able to relax and I don't flare up that much. Reason being, che-che preferred to stick to SIL. And SIL's 2 boys are already in their teens don't need anyone to take care, SIL gladly took the role. That lessen our load definitely! Hubby and me concentrated on the naughty mei-mei.

Tour guide,seeing how we struggled with her (we offered to feed her she didn't want but wasn't eating but playing), came to help after her own meal. Very fresh hor.... someone new to feed her. New pattern... she ate. At first I told guide, I challenged everyone here to feed her. The person who could feed her the most spoonful will get to keep her. Guide managed to feed her quite alot. Then I told her the next day, "I give you three days. After that my girl will not want you to feed her." She didn't believe me.. true enough on 3rd day my lil' girl was covering her mouth hiding her face. Heehee!

This holiday (too), they finally see through my mei-mei. They finally understand how difficult my lil' one is. Fiesty and cute!

Trip took us to Xiamen, Fuzhou, Chaozhou and Santou. Xiamen is more modern but I like the very old Chaozhou. I like the sound of the pure teochew (dialect), which I haven't heard (grandmas spoke) for a very long time. I think my parents also speak cha-pa-lan teochew now. What I loved is .......the real Teochew food!!! Especially desserts. SHIOK!!

So worried about weight gain during this hols. Thank goodness I only put on 0.6kg. Yay!

Lil' one is so funny. Once we were brought to a place for "pao-jiao", she saw all of us removing our shoes. She followed suit saying "I also want". She took off her shoes and waited. She did dip her feet into the herb water but no massage for her though!
Hubby paid a good sum of money for medicines. He kena tai-qi-ed. Said he could feel the current. I saw the guy who did that for him... looked red and flustered. True or not? Both SILs bought, MIL bought. Wah......alot of commissions (my tour guide laughing all the way to the bank)
I bought another BaoFuLing - miracle cream for burns. Lozenges from the Melon powder (treated for ulcers) company. My kids love the taste. Eeeks!
At certain place, in one shop. In a hidden shelf, there was a place where they sell fake branded goods. I call it the dungeon! You better buy if not they'll leave you inside and die.... Haha! Nah! Never believed in fake stuffs. Younger SIL was carrying her Epi bucket bag and she asked if I could tell the difference between real and fake. We didn't see Epi but damier & monogram range. And yes you can feel the difference. Can't tell Gucci .The SAs knew we were not their target but older SIL looked very gian on their stuffs. So kept following her......damn scary see the way they hound on customers. Then from what I heard, Singapore is hard on picking out fake goods. Some people were fined on the spot for carrying fake stuffs. Woah! That's good control definitely.
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