Friday, December 11, 2009

School Hols - week 3

It's the 3rd week of the school hols and soon it'll be over. Fast huh? I wonder where my time went?
I haven't been doing much during this hols. Prior to the break, I had a list of places to go : Snow City, Zoo, BirdPark, Sentosa, movies, park and I did promise them I'd bring them to fly their kite nearby (probably can really 'fly kite' with my kind intentions). Then before I know it, it's Week 3. Only left with 3 more weeks before school starts.

1st week (23rd Nov week) : was nuah-ing from post-party recovery + hectic life after che-che's PHD. Haha! Che-che opened her presents a few days later after the party. The kids were basically having lots of fun. Mei-mei only attended 1 or was it 2 days of school. Even back at home, I lazed. I needed a break myself too! While they were screaming and turning the house upside down, I was in the room doing some housekeeping on my lappie and also packing the bag for trip.

2nd week (30th Nov week) : during the early part of the week, we were still holidaying. We got back home on Thursday evening,pontang-ed school the next day. Feels good to not do anything and be pampered. I left the 2 noisy kids with KZ while I went off to my beautician to do ear candling and naval candling (ps. this is not the place I go. I can't seem to find any web page explaining abt this). I'm trying it for the first time. And nice feeling to have someone massaging you. My Spa treatments are long overdue. Really need to find a time to do that, prob after a good workout at Cali first then walk over to my Spa place.

3rd week (this week) : it doesn't feel like a school holiday to me coz' I still need to shuttle the kids for their classes. But at least I managed to do some work with che-che. On Tuesday evening, she told me she had a stomachache. Put oil for her and she went to bed. Wednesday afternoon, she told me she had a stomachache. *Alarm bells begin to ring* I don't feel it's right. Next minute she told me she's feeling giddy. That's it! I brought her out to the doctor immediately. She hasn't been attending music lessons for 2 weeks.

On Friday, I promised mei-mei that I'd bring her to the Barbie show after school. She kept talking about it, when I picked her up I told her there's a change of plans coz' we're going fishing. She cried; insisted that she should go for the show instead. It was a last minute change of plans as brother asked to bring the kids for fishing fun.

Well.... the kids sounded interested esp. che-che but when she knew of the hard work, she didn't look happy. The fishes are too fast, even for adults to handle not to mention the slower children. The adults fished. ?!?! The children swung their nets about in the water playing.

Aricia managed to catch a small little cute prawn. Athena managed to catch a small fish. All they did was to shout "there, there, there!" and the adults did the hard job and they had many fishes. They proudly showed us their fishes after it was packed. Oy! They forgot who fished them. As long as they're happy..........

Sadly, the fishes died so fast. Luckily I didn't mix our tetras with the fishes. Our tetras are doing well now except for those fishes - went to heaven one by one. Thought if we were killing them instead by fishing them out just to entertain the kids. *Saint*

After the fishing trip, went back home to put them in a container. And left home for Millenia Walk.

Bumped into A at the show, was really surprised to see her coz' I thought she would have chiong-ed alot of places by now. If not I would have jio-ed her. Anyway, believe it or not. Everytime I think about her, she would somehow appear infront of me.

It's the first time seeing her 2 kids fighting over a ball. But... nobody would have noticed them fighting coz' they were really - gentle! But if my kids were to start fighting?? Screams can be heard; shouts and slapping sound. Very drama! Everyone would know they're fighting.

Rather disappointed with the show. A told me about the other shows that she'd be catching. No lah... I usually select those that the children like. I just realised too another friend chiong all these kind of places during school hols. Salute them! I don't like to chiong all the time.

Earlier this week too, while che-che was not in (stayed a night in mom's place). Mei-mei sang in kachin for me. My kids learn this song within 1 night. They heard it 4 times by the 5th time they were singing. Woah! KZ's amazed with their memory. See how my lil' one pouts her lips deliberately.

Some time too this week, Santa (ahem... me) dropped them a letter. Che-che was so happy. Blame on this mummy who do all these make-believes with my children. Please hor.... if you see my children don't tell them the truth. Otherwise like one friend said "It literally killed the thrill.. Good to let your child have this fun."

So happy too, my parcel came from OTC. Ordered some crafts stuffs, perhaps can arrange a small party?? And those items will be of good use. Hmm.... I'm tired, am expecting to dog-sit (worry about children allergic etc.. worry dog traumatize with sudden influx of people in house), but I love to have parties and have children enjoy themselves. Oh well, will see how.

Packed the small treats for the children. Each children have a small shower gel, one lollipop, two Double Crisps chocolates. Most children get their treats in the cellophane bag, only selected few get theirs in the cute Santa, Reindeer or Snowman box. Mama Santa's work is done!

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