Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leather's stay with us

We had a special guest this school hols. SIL's family, hubby's younger sister's family, going for another holiday to Hokkaido and we kindda offered to help her dogsit Leather.

Che-che kept asking us for a dog. it's not a trial run for the kids coz' we're not going to get them any dog at all. Can't even take care of themselves; still can take care of dog? And I'm not going to give myself additional job when I'm already so busy with the kids and barely have time for myself. I don't mind doing it for that 10 days since che-che kept asking, saying that she likes Leather etc..

Days before his arrival, I asked dad to come over to help me put up the wire mesh on our gate. SIL gave the assurance that he's rather timid and won't dare to run out. But you know it's not our dog and should any accident happens how are we to answer for it?

On 21st he came with SIL and 2 sons. Leather licked me; allowed me to stroke him but he kept barking and barking. Dogs do sense things, he knows something is not right - he's going to be abandoned.
Mom came by and Leather, who was already out of the cage, ran to her licking her. Jumping on her excitedly. I say coz' my mom still have that dog smell. Heehee! Our last dog was put to sleep in 2002. We were too sentimental and cried over her that we decided that we can't bear with the departure so might as well not have any attachment to any dog in the first place.

When they left about an hour+ later, he barked for a short while before quietening down.

Rather well behaved; loves to bite things.

Night time, he whined and barked for being left alone.

Fast foward 10 days later, on 31st, SIL's family came to pick him up.

Sad to see him go. First we were not used to having a 'detective' around the house - barking everytime we open the door. Then we're not used to having that 'pit stop' gone. The kids would lie down on the floor and see him.

He left some dog cookies for Santa on Xmas eve. Next morning he's checking out his goodies from Santa

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