Monday, December 14, 2009

Playdate with S

A friend suggested getting the kids together during the hols, I would have done that too - just that I was feeling very nuah and lembek.
Shucks! Age is catching up on me,as you would have noticed my blog entries seem to be published out all at once. Okay, that's beside the point.

Our intention was to get all 5 of our children together. We mummies enjoyed each other's company during our '
massive work-out mothering role in the school concert. Our kids may be friends/in the same class for the next 6 years or more. It'll be good if the mothers can get together too! Yah! Too think I was so upset over separations and vow to be a mega bitch and not befriend anyone in her new school.. Heehee! Can't do it coz' I'm super talkative/do very good PR - all thanks to SQ training.
It wasn't easy to find a time suitable for all. Everyone had different holiday travel plans. It was left to only S and my che-che. Well I think it's good too, coz' we'd have a quality chat instead of having a group of boisterious and crazy mothers turning the whole place upside down and get booted out.
The kids overstayed another hour inside.

Photos : The girls wanted to do fabric painting. We left them and proceeded to the cafe for a drink; snacks for the younger kids The children with their work The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly and refused to leave. All good things must come to an end. We still have many opportunities for more playdates. Well, perhaps might arrange some thing for Christmas.

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