Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our weekends

5th Dec - Saturday

I brought che-che for her Berries make up lesson, we train-ed down. While waiting for her, I went to HM to get J her BD presents and wrapped the presents in Berries. A girl, who was doing her homework, was so distracted by me. I do the weirdest thing!!

Hubby then came to fetch us to go for lunch together. He brought all to a new shopping mall - City Square Mall. We first had our lunch at a curry place. The curry is nice but .......I'm watching my diet. Argh!

By coincidence, there was a show in the mall. First we walked around the mall then went to watch when it was time.
Che-che was interested in both hand-painting and balloons

She was really nice, always thinking of her mei-mei. Whenever she took something, she'd always take another one for her lil' sister.

Never have I seen a performance in a mall with acrobats and stunts that was simply incredible.

The performance ended with a loud BANG and down came long confettis. My girls went to pick up the confettis?? Which equates to 'rubbish'

As we were going down the escalator, we saw them downstairs and we were the first to rush to have our photos taken. Soon everyone else stopped them.

After grocery shopping, I noticed that there was a magic show downstairs and brought the girls went to watch.

Che- che was rather disappointed she raised her hand to try to answer question but was never picked.

We reached home tired after stopping by in Longhouse to pack food home for dinner. I bought tapiocas. Ooh.... I love tapiocas!

6th Dec - Sunday
The kids were honoured to be invited to J's BD party. There's always a first in everything. First time I'm meeting them in person - hee! Would have been the 2nd time if I went for their recent outing (wrong timing). Never mind, there's more opportunities to meet up in the near future.

Birthday gal mom did the doll cake. Fantastic job! I wouldn't have been able to do this.
I love these handmade cookies. KZ looked at the cookies and asked me "is this the kind of cookies you wanted to make for their birthday parties?" helper, KZ, think so highly of me. Truth is, I'm not that capable and I'm rather impatient.

Juggle act and magic show by Kinetic Gal. Yah......this is the sort of party I'd like to give my girls but no space at home lah! no $ to buy condo...... maybe can do at void deck???
This is the first time too that che-che won a prize for Q&A. I gave her the answer - cheated. But it did boost up her confidence a little.
(look in the 2nd row, middle photo - see how comfortable my lil' girl is)
When the kids crowded around the table, my lil' girl in her superbly sharp voice shouted "aunty Zet.......I want to eat jelly." Wah! This mother very paiseh leh.. nowhere to hide my face.

Pinata! Thanks to Mel - the kids were waiting in anticipation. Couldn't break the pinata. Hahaha! It was that secure!
Mei-mei was happy with just one lollipop. Started smelling it and then walked away. As for che-che we had to stop her to give other children a chance. She's older than majority of the kids so definitely very nimble. Reminding her that we have so many sweets at home "but I never get to eat alot" - well, that's another story.
Balloon pinata
Cake time!! Kids crowding around the table, che-che was so happy with her cuppie. And we had to restrict her on the sugarpaste.
As for mei-mei, she had her jelly. She was such an easily contented child.
KZ said the chocolate cake tastes like the chocolate cake I make.
* this photo was taken later in the evening*

2nd part - 6th Dec
The kids (esp. che-che) kept bugging me to bring them to see Leather during the weekdays. Today's a great opportunity coz' SIL stays real close to party venue. We bought some snacks for him days before. My girl wanted to buy him a collar. ?!?!

I tell you my girls are really pampered! Upon hearing that the girls are going over, SIL's husband (what do you call it in mandarin?) bought Oreo Cheesecakes from Bakerzin. Woah! Che-che was naturally elated - she loves Oreo Cheesecake. She sat down and finished the whole cake fast. She's never fast eating her meals!!

Lil' one was so funny. At one point, hubby told her "Aricia, go and play with Leather." Obediently she answered "okay", walked 2 steps to Leather; squat and looked at him. She said "Oy!" LOL. We all bursts out laughing at her rudeness. Not that a dog will know. And many a times she gets more excited than the dog, runs to us and tell us "mummy/daddy, Leather look at me." I think he was rather pissed coz' that girl was making too much noise and he was rather drowsy after his vaccination.

We're going to have Leather with us for a week plus when SIL's family going for another holiday. I volunteered to dogsit for them coz' my girls would love to have a dog in the house. Which means... I may have to scrap off any plans on playdates in my place.

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