Wednesday, January 23, 2019

考试快快完 - drafted on 1st Oct 18 #lateposting#

I had been clearing her stuffs from the bookshelf subjects by subjects. And her boxes are emptied. Yay! One more paper tomorrow and ...... yippee!

There are so many things I would want to pick up where I had left off. 
1) Reading : as much as I love to read (think che-che got this from me), the only thing I've been reading is their primary text and stuffs. I've bookmarked a few books that I'd love to read ranging from the Holocaust to Roald Dahl. Haha! You didn't read wrongly. I really meant the kids' RDahl books coz I've never read more than half of the books that was passed down from che-che to lil' one. Che-che has bought some interesting books the past 2-3 years, to make it more worth the money spent (tho' she does re-read her books over and over again) perhaps I shall pick up some books from her. 
2) Baking / Jelly : The domestic goddess side of me had turned into an evil academia witch for the past years. It's time that I can pick up my baking and whatever nots coz' I don't have to sit next to lil' one from next year onwards. She's on her own!
3) Cooking : Not that I'm so into cooking but I guess I have more time to do healthier cooking? Like maybe make my own luncheon meat, ramen, ice-cream, bread. I miss the smell of freshly baked bread. 
4) Tidying her bookshelf : I've been clearing her stuffs from the bookshelf progressively. After the  exams, I can really dispose the items here and in the bomb shelter. Did I mention that it's really a good feeling when I'm decluttering the house? 
5) Floral Arrangement : Perhaps shall pick up a course in floral arrangement so that I can improve on the horrendous job I've done so far.  
6) Exercise : I will have more time and energy for exercise. Now I spend alot of late night consolidating stuffs for her (tho' I stopped like 2 mths back) into 2am. I get really tired the next day after preparing their breakfast that I plonked back to bed. I guess without the clearing and doing whatever housekeeping at home, I have more time for exercise. I really need to slim down. Put on too much weight over the years and I get too stressed up to get my hormones balanced. Some logical stuffs I'm talking about for those wanting to slim down, you need to have balanced hormones; be stress-free; have early nights. It's proven by me. Once upon a time, I tried some strict dieting I managed to lose the pounds and looked good but over the years I've neglected myself and though I don't have humangeous appetite I just can't explain why I put on weight. I noticed the date though! That year che-che was already in P4 to 5 when the stress level was high. 
7) Blogging : I'm so late in my updates. Too many drafts but no time to re-look into them. I might as well delete them.
8) Clearing : Time to clear stuffs in the house. As I was tidying the kitchen cabinets, I noticed there was some Sanrio cups we got from 85C Cafe in Shanghai and some tikam cups we got in Singapore, bento stuffs (I think lil' one won't be caught dead having a cute bento for recess in secondary school right?) and whatever nots I can put up for cheap sale in Carousell. Sometimes I think to myself that all these inconveniences could have been avoided if I also hadn't like cute stuffs. My target is to declutter until I'm superbly happy. Maybe I should declutter my kids, they're the troublemakers *wink*  

Looking forward to a new me! Re-discover myself! Perhaps a holiday on my own which I truly deserve. Get the hell out of my life exams!            

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