Wednesday, January 30, 2019

On This Day - 30th Jan #Reminders from FB#

30th Jan 2011
Exhausted! I'm rotating between 2 girls. Damn! Gotta do work; gotta sit down on piano; gotta take after their shit! And I'm so bloody jealous! My helper gets the rest but I don't!! 

30th Jan 2013

Am I a bad mummy??
Last year, when we had to make our option for P5, che-che has been telling me she wants to do HMT. Teacher recommended 4S, I put down 4S for her. I have my reasons for not letting her take HMT, I wasn't sure she could cope too. She sulked. I wasn't even supportive and encouraging her.

This year, especially after every Chinese enrichment class, she harps on it and keeps telling me she really wants to try. How? Am I a bad mummy? I'm suppose to encourage her but instead I discouraged her. And she seems to have the drive to want to try.
How? How? How?

Footnote in 2019: Apparently Chinese is one subject she's always struggling in. Scoring a C5 for her O's and she didn't want to re-attempt the second time. I doubt the extra one month of tuition can do anything better for her too if she's not working hard enough.
Did that move in 2013 make her hate Chinese more? 

30th Jan 2014 
"Mummy, not fair! How come this is the Horse year? I want it to be my Dog year."
It will be your year in 4 years time... (bleh! PSLE year for her then)

@ 10.40am
It's so b#%^*! HOT! Waiting for the girls along MParade Road. Ooh..... I haven't done this kind of fugitive, waiting in the car thing for so long and I don't miss it.

Footnote in 2019 - Yes! That was something that I dreaded but sometimes due to practicality I had to do it. Gone are the days of waiting in the car. However as it is still early, che-che's school is yet to be known so I'm not sure if I need to camp out. Tuitions have put on hold, so things are looking good. Hopefully lil' one don't need any tuition so I don't have to camp in Parkway Parade anymore   

@ 1.33pm
This is going to be a miserable CNY. So what if we have a long weekend? I see the amount of homeworks already pengsang.

Footnote in 2019 - Yup! That was the dreadful PSLE year 


30th Jan 2015 
@ 3.15pm
At pool - Girl didn't know I was standing there and she was negotiating with the coach on the number of bubbles she had to blow. After some time she realised I was standing there and gave me her sweetest smile.
I pointed her out to coach. Before I could say anything, coach commented "this girl ah.....she can swim." Haha! Picha-lobang (the truth is out)

Footnote in 2019 - If only she can put her brains to better use, like in her studies

@ 4.13pm
Poor girl .... 20mins power nap in between swim and ballet. Wah.... at least she gets a nap. I get none.
* she's snoring, can't bear to wake her up
Footnote in 2019 - Fast forward 4 years later, it's a different ballgame altogether. I don't think she'll have the chance to nap in such a way coz it's either I have to send her home immediately or only have 10mins wait before picking che-che up. 

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