Saturday, March 3, 2018

Will tuition harm a child or help a child? - entry drafted on 11th Feb 18 #lateposting#

There's a debate about this tuition hype that all asian parents put their kids in. Why tuition?

As if one pressure cooker (school) is not enough, they need to be double boiled (tuition). My conclusion is  - YES! TUITION IS REQUIRED AS IT WILL HELP A CHILD. Well....... I don't mind saving the money if my girls are geniuses. Unfortunately they are dumb like dunno what, so it's necessary in my case.

Just the other way, I was sifting through che-che's Milestone worksheets (extra worksheets given by the school for those ridiculous questions). And guess what? Corrections not done. Corrections not marked. Re-corrections not corrected. It doesn't help when the mother is equally clueless! I have a higher Math ability child then, where I don't sift through her school work when I don't even know how to solve them myself. Of course my daughter is also to blame for not being responsible enough. But .... the teacher didn't even bother to complain to me?? One bloody year!

EL tutor asked, why I only noticed it now? I explained that I paid more attention to my assigned work trusting that the school teacher will be doing her job (although I was rather unhappy that she used the supp time for discussing debate) 

Debate shit
I asked che-che not to go since the teacher is wasting the students' time for this. The teacher's excuse is "to help you all relax before the big exams". TMD. I had to waste my parking fees somewhere just because I had to wait for her when we all could have gone home immediately after school. But no....... my girl is scared she'd get scolding from the teacher. And this is the same teacher who blamed the retained students in (2014) "see! coz you didn't want to stay back during supp classes." Pushing the blame to the kids. In che-che's class she has a different approach coz the class are filled with high fliers. Majority of the 250 and above students came from her class. But my daughter not high ability leh! I'd rather she spend the time clarifying work.  

And right after her PSLE, I asked her to pack her stuffs into boxes while I (finally) got busy with lil' one's P2 stuffs, which is of course chicken feet. I haven't touched anything until this year. 

Then che-che told me that the teacher didn't teach much. Her class standard? Half the class went top schools - except my daughter, must be the last few position in her class of smarty pants.

I bumped into che-che's classmate outside and was relating this to her mother. Her classmate commented that she didn't even teach at all. 

Which finally comes to the conclusion that the classmates in che-che's primary school including my girl didn't get their good results from the school, but from their tuition teachers or if not, they're already little geniuses. 

I wrote this in August last year. Click here. And since then her grades for Math has been going up. It wouldn't be possible without tuition. This year, she's very close to getting full marks again. As long as she don't deviate and come up with her working solutions coz' the teachers here aint professors - they obediently follow the marking rubics. Even her tutor also agree with me.      

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