Saturday, March 3, 2018

Example of a shitty question- drafted on 10th Feb 18 #lateposting#

For those whose kids are still toddling around or about to graduate from Uni (22years old?) , this is one example of the kind of shitty Math question Primary kids are solving. Thank goodness we're getting out of the shit primary school system this year. 

"Sandy is reading her favourite novel. After a week, the number of pages she read was 1/5 of the number of pages she had not read. After another week, she managed to read another 35 pages and was left with 3/5 of the book unread. How many pages are there in the book?" 

I thought my daughter is correct in the manner she solves her problem using ratio method. And so I messaged the tutor. Of course I'm wrong!! He told me it's wrong and I re-looked into the question again and again. The 3rd time - eureka!! 
Oh my! It’s not a bloody Math question, it’s a English question!!
Can you spot it? Can you solve this question?

Wait! This is still not the bad....there are even tougher questions out there and in a span of 4 years, I see slight difference in trend of questions. Why do exams get harder and harder. This is something MOE really need to address. What's the point of having good results, when the kids are not EQ or IQ or SQ smart?  

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