Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My fussy eaters & their breakfast - entry drafted on 12th Jan #lateposting#

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it influences how we perform physically and mentally. Always wanted to do my motherly duty to give my girls the best. But DAMN! I've got the fussiest kids around. And please my dear readers, don't say things like "my kids are also fussy" etc.. coz your kids aren't as bad as mine. I'll gladly trade my kids with you for a day. Yup! I'm that confident, you can't tolerate anything longer than that. 

With girls like them, makes me don't even want to prepare breakfast for them. Should let them starve right? 

So I was really surprised that they love American breakfast. After eating in Denny's where they were given American breakfast, that changed their attitude a little. And to get that response from them "I didn't know it tastes that good."Oh man! If only my eyes can KILL. There are so many things in this world you haven't tried. 
And please don't pass a comment "that's coz you (me) didn't try hard enough." coz i did and it's not easy. I don't understand why God has to give me such stubborn girls!

Fussy Eaters
> Scrambled eggs - che che likes it after eating in Denny's. OMG! I did prepare that for her before and she didn't even want to "touch that yucky yellow thing". 
> Pancakes - I used to prepare in bulk coz' I used a premixed japanese brand fluffy pancake. Hello Kitty pancakes; Anpanman pancakes; bear pancakes. Still..... they eat once or twice and didn't want it anymore. Still, I prefer to prepare something fresh for them, too much of prepared food is not good. 
Ha! They can even complain that they have nothing to eat "so sick of bread". OMG! Want to give them bun, today they'll like it the following day they don't want anymore (just what am I going to do with the remaining 4 buns?? And che-che likes the plain leaf bun;mei-mei likes yam. Nobody likes char-siu or lotus or chilli crab bun.
Honestly, growing up in Singapore,we have the best of all the world kind of food. For example :
1) Soft-boiled egg + kaya toast. My girls? One like fried egg; the other hard boil egg. Selective over the kind of kaya spread.
2) Prepared roti prata - I airfry them but ...... they don't like it.
3) chee cheong fun, chwee kueh, yam cake etc...  - they never even tried before and claims it's not nice. ?!?!?! 
4) Yoghurt - Refuse to try
5) Cereals - sigh..... this is a big struggle. Both have difference tastes and they don't eat their cereal dunked in a bowl of milk. 
6) Fruits - aiyoh! I have to knock them unconscious first before I can put it into their mouth

Denny's Breakfast 
The girls' liked these
  Peanut Butter Pancake 
Delicious! The thick generous peanut butter tastes so fresh. 
Chocolate chips and white chocolate chips cooked inside two fluffy buttermilk pancakes and topped with peanut butter cream and chopped nuts. Served with two sunny-side up eggs* and hash browns, plus your choice of two strips of bacon or two sausage links

Moons Over My Hammy
Our classic ham and scrambled egg sandwich with Swiss and American cheeses on grilled sourdough. Served with hash browns.

I like this Bourbon Chicken in skillet 
Two grilled seasoned chicken breasts covered with a delicious sweet bourbon glaze, topped with mushrooms and fire-roasted bell peppers and onions, all atop broccoli and seasoned red-skinned potatoes.

Since then, Jan 2018 - with a brand new year I embarked on a somewhat "a little more portioned" breakfast for them. Heat up the prepared pancakes or waffles, add scramble eggs. Milk and their vitamins. Sometimes would add hash brown or sausage. And they gobbled up. Not a very big portion, but they're eating more than usual. Of course there are lazy days when I just want to give them a swiss roll or bread from Breadtalk. It's not joke,cleaning up the kitchen and floor after cooking every meal.  

Not forgetting this. Sometimes in mid day, che-che would drink a cup of Hot chocolate, topped up with whipped cream. Tried to replicate what she's eaten. And to think, she refused to drink hot chocolate before. 

Oh my! When will my girls learn to eat everything? For the time being, I don't want to shorten my lifespan by getting stressed up / worried over them. Anyway, still can grow so don't really want to bother much about their fusiness.


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