Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What!? Seriously........?

Any parent would know of this website - kiasuparent -  which speaks so accurately of us. There are a variety of topics discussed, of course the most active ones would be academic support. There's a Discussion for 2014 PSLE students too! And in this forum, everyone discusses and share tips on how to conquer their first mountain. 
During this period, students and parents put answers and compare with the others. Not like anything can be done if our answers differs from the rests but perhaps it's just an assurance if our answers are the same as the rest. 

But I'm wondering how these kids can even remember the question numbers; questions and answers so well. My blur sotong girl can even forget what she was tested earlier on or.... even forgot what she wanted to ask me. 
Needless to say, I did ask her what was her answer and it took her some time to recall what was the question. She can't remember what question number is a certain question. I asked her how is it she can't remember all these when she can rubbish or whatever things she read months ago. She then replied me "mummy, do you want me to spend my time memorising the questions and answers OR do you want me to spend my time checking my answers?" Well, she made a very good point. 

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