Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's OVER!!

Oh YES! Oh YES! Oh YES YES YES!!! It's finally OVER! 

Can't believe the long journey we took, 6 years! And the journey got rougher with big tidal waves in the last year. Plus the puking from me from the nauseating rides up and down the waves. There were days (oh well majority) when I want to be a pirate and swing the sword at her or me

Our final lap, we made a cool and calm swim. Hopefully we did it right. It wasn't a good chance for making experiments because this exam is serious and important, we had to get it right for her. But for the second round, I learn from mistakes and hope to do it better for mei-mei (if I still have the energy)

I can finally let my hair down, let her hair down. Phew!

Rest for 2-3 more years then chiong again. Sigh...... Meanwhile I need to read up on the new syllabus. DUH! 

Meanwhile shots of my girl. Precious moments....

This was taken on 29th Sep - day of her second last paper - her most hated subject Chinese. I thought to myself that the next day I had to do this mamarazzi again coz' like how many times is she going to take her PSLE?? 
30th Sep - everyday I hear the footsteps and whispers as the girls finish their paper for the day. Today, it was much quieter as most girls made light footsteps down. They were elated that all papers are finally over. I can never describe the heave of relief that took over my heart, immediately I felt myself lightened.
Smiles from the girls. And I can't spot my girl coz' it's a sea of blues there. 

I see my girl smiling everyday. I should be happy when she tells me the papers are easy. She sounds very confident over the papers, she didn't have the anxiety as she experienced 2 years back. The anxiety that led her to see the school counsellor, that made me worried every school tests and exams. (she always do well for papers at home but ....) I pray hard that she gets the results that she truly deserves.

I'm short of pushing a mic into her face and interviewing her, otherwise I make an awesome full- fledge journalist not mamarazzi
When I stood at the vicinity, I can't help but think back of her first day in the school. Her second day of school. And how she (embarassingly) hugged my legs infront of the Principal. She laughed when I recalled the incidents to her. I hope I'm not embarassing her by blogging down all her 丑事 for the world to read. However these are memories that will help me recall when I'm old and senile.  And this my girl is going to end her 6 years in this school soon. I'm crying....

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