Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aricia's 8th Birthday

Celebrated 2 days earlier in school, as MOE has declared her birthday an OFF DAY for her and .... the rests of the school. Hahaha! My lil naive girl really believed so when I told her.

This year I'm a little smarter, I stayed around the vicinity after dropping the girls off in school. I went into the school earlier too to decorate the table, after last year's rushed preparation I learnt my lesson. Recess is at 9.40am, I thought my 8.57am was early since I told baker to come around 9 to 9.15am, but when I walked to the canteen she was already there - infact half an hour early. She was so nice to help me arrange the place. Lovely cupcakes right?  

When I was doing the setup, the P5s were getting ready to leave for their LJ. And it's so funny that all these years I get kids asking me if I was selling them. I wonder if they ask every parents who celebrate their girl's birthday in school.....or maybe my setup is too exaggerated. 

There were two other celebrations and they all simply brought cake and display and that's it. No wonder they can come 5 mins before recess. Actually I shouldn't make life difficult for myself right? Next time I don't have to be so bothered.... oh but I think next year we can celebrate in our new place coz' we finally have a Clubhouse!!  
The set-up 

The girls

Birthday gal

Rushed home to put the extras in fridge

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