Monday, September 29, 2014

Teacher's Day gifts

For the past 2 years I commissioned a very crafty friend to help me make something for Teacher's Day. Initially this year I wanted to follow the trend but decided that I could plan and prepare way way way in advance, I should be able to come out with gifts for the Teachers myself.

I bought a lot of bottlecaps, for hairbow making purposes, and thought I could do something with it. Knowing me, I prefer to get practical (or maybe in my opinion is) gifts for teachers since they'd be loaded with cups, frames, flowers or some other generic mass-produced and easily available in stationery shops. Honestly, I'm running out of ideas over the years. I think soon I'll be really purchasing gifts from shops.

These are personalised bottlecaps    

Bottles of M&Ms filled up

Candles for non-school teachers, who would have no use for the pass holders

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