Friday, September 19, 2014

Mini celebration .... Surprise!

Mei-mei was disappointed that she had to go for her ballet and Berries on her birthday. She declared "A free day doing nothing" but with her ballet exam coming up in Nov and I get laden-ed with extra homeworks when she miss a Berries class, I told her I can bring her out for lunch & dinner on her birthday. (Ha! She was convinced)    

I thought it would be boring for che-che and me to sing her a birthday song on her birthday so thought I'd surprise her with a small celebration in her ballet class. I sms-ed Miss Kathleen two days before or was it a day before?? (Omg! my memory's failing me!! I post-date my blog entry) Once approved, I quickly packed goodie bags for 7 kids. And prepared small insert to put in each cupcakes.  

Goodie pack : Mentos, Kit kat, bookmark 

Went over to 12 Cupcakes and bought Rainbow Vanilla. Bought a cake board from SKP to present the cupcakes.
Reached ballet studio earlier and began the job of taking out the small cards on each cupcakes and put mine. Stuck each cupcake container to the cake board just in case it topples 

Mei-mei didn't suspect a thing and was surprised when we walked into the studio. Smiling gleefully for the camera. 
And then distributed the goodie pack.... guess what my girl miscalculated the number of kids, I'm short of 2 (and short of 2 cupcakes coz' I had bought extras for Miss Kathleen, Sally and Jeremy) 

Here's wishing her a : Happy Birthday my little terror!!

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