Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aricia's birthday preparation

After the movie Frozen took Singapore by icy storm (pun intended) last November. it's no surprise that the lil' one wants it for her birthday theme her next birthday.
We would hear children in the malls singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" "Let It Go". It's really popular, I found myself humming to the tune and ..... I even play (and sing out) it on the way to pick the girls up from school. But I was worried if ten months down the road, the fad would die down. On the brighter side of things, it might be easier to find favors in Singapore.
Hmmm.... not really. Yes, there are Frozen items sold in Singapore. Water bottles, lunch boxes, cutlery sets. However it would cost a lot of $$ if I multiply by 30+ kids. I went online, China, to be exact to get everything from them direct instead of getting from middlemen. Smart move! I save a lot. The bags I ordered, I saved more $$ when I opted for the slowest mail. To play safe, since there was a 35 days lead time for delivery. I ordered the bags two months in advance. Can sail through the ocean and sea, rain or shine.. I wasn't in any hurry. Better still, I didn't have to run around Singapore trying to source for ideas. I'm getting old and weary of all these birthday preps that I want to take a seat back, the fingers can do the clicking.
These are the 4 designs the bags come in.
To keep things simple and didn't want to burn my brain cells thinking of what to pack, I decided to pack lesser stuffs in their goody bags this year. It would also ease the weight on che-che, who would be tasked to help her sister bring up to classroom on her birthday celebration day.
Each goody bag contains :
1) drawstring bag
2) personalized kit kat bar
3) personalized mini mentos
4) bookmark
5) marshmallow
The bags arrived end July and I started packing stuffs up within a week. Even before I could pack the Teacher's Day stuffs. Well, at least I can strike this off my TO-DO list

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