Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feeling bleh!

As I was packing the Teacher's Day gifts, I felt a tinge of sadness. It's probably going to be the last gifts I'm giving to the teachers in their school; my school. Is my fate with this school going to end next year? I know I am an IJ girl, always an IJ girl. Does che-che feel the same way as I do? Or is she too young to feel a sense of identity; a sense of pride? Six years, well at least longer than the time mei-mei is going to spend in the school - a mere 2+ years. 

I think I'm always the sentimental, 'can't have separation' person. Che-che had some good teachers who had taught her, she has two favourite teachers. One was her FT for 3 years, a very nice teacher. I'm not sure if she remembers all her students' parents coz' she taught a lot of girls, but she recognizes me. Maybe coz' my girl was always in Lala-Land in her class so she remembers her well. But why me? I don't think it's because of my presence in the school as a PV right? After all I've toned down in volunteering ever since I didn't have any helper. But I do see her in PP sometimes. 
The other teacher whom che-che favours is her Chinese teacher. Her teacher who went extra mile in helping her. 

Mei-mei likes her P1 FT too! Though her time is going to be short in the school, I'm sure she has many wonderful memories of the school. For eg. daring enough to approach the VP to borrow money. *slap my own head*

I had been volunteering on Teacher's Day (for the past 4 years. I didn't volunteer for 1 year when KZ just left and I had no one to help me pick the little one from Kindy) , a day when the teachers come to school late, where the classes are taken care by the PVs. This year would be my last.

Teacher's Day Appreciation Lunch - probably the last one for me too. 

I'm going to miss the school ; the teachers ; the blue pinafore. Oh yes, I remembered on her first day of school I didn't sing our National Anthem but sang the School Song. ?!?!?!?      

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