Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spoilt for choice

Definitely spoilt for choice for International schools.

Although I was insistent in enrolling the girls in SSIS (Singapore curriculum), I was curious with the other choices right infront of the computer screen. Took me some time to read a few websites, reading some reviews from parents (some may even date back to 7 years ago. *gasp*)
And I wasn't even looking at location. However it seems that expatriates are clustered at Minhang and Pudong, and there are alot of schools there. If staying in Minhang, it takes around 30 or more horrid minutes getting stuck in Shanghai traffic (if my memory didnt fail me) to reach the city centre. 

American curriculum, British, Canadian, Hong Kong, European concepts etc.... Argh! I narrowed down to my preference to keep things easier.

I thought SSIS, so be it. I can bring some of che-che's stuffs over. I can buy assessment books and lull it to Shanghai (kiasu!) 
But somehow hubby managed to spot & bookmarked this SUIS. The curriculum seems interesting. Using Chinese Math ( but does that mean teaching Math in Chinese? If it is, my kids will mati) and me being too boh-liao had to link up to PISA. Wait a minute! Shanghai is ranked #1 in Reading, Math and Science. Sunny Singapore is #2. I think the Sun has burnt my brain! Just what was I thinking? Parents hated the silly stressed system and leave Singapore , and here I am considering to put my kids in #1 ranked in the world curriculum. 
Something else is tempting is 'Other language program' - there's Japanese!! I have kept some of my Japanese language stuffs, so unwilling to part with them.. It might be useful afterall!
I'm so tempted to fly to Shanghai to recce the two schools to check it out for myself during PSLE Marking Days. Most importantly the girls must like the school. Need to settle fast coz' there's a waitlist.

Shanghai United International School (Hongqiao)

Shanghai United International School Hongqiao is an IB school located in Minhang District.  SUIS is certified as an IB World School  using the Primary Years Program (PYP). SUIS Hongqiao is part of the Xiehe Education of bilingual schools across Shanghai. For the 2014-2015 school year, primary education averages 100,000 and secondary averages 120,000.

Early Years / Pre-K (ages 1-3)
Kindergarten (ages 3-6)
Primary Years (ages 6-12)   ¥ 100,000 *
Secondary Years (ages 12-18)   ¥ 120,000 *
Curriculum TypeBritish, Chinese, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Primary Years Programme (PYP)
School TypeLocal School With International Division
Established Year2003
Main LanguageEnglish
Chinese/English Bi-lingual Programme
Other Language ProgrammeFrench, Japanese
Average Class Size24
School Lunch
School Bus
  • International Baccalaureate
Extracurricular ActivitiesArt, General Music, Golf, Dance
Competitive SportsAmerican Football
Financial Aid
University Guidance
Parent Association
* Price information on this website is for information ONLY, and not legally binding. Even though we try to keep our site updated, some schools might have changed their fees today.
- See more at: http://www.chalksmart.com/schools/Shanghai-United-International-School-Hongqiao.html#sthash.YcFDQBHv.dpuf

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