Friday, July 11, 2014


An ex-collegue has been checking with me if I've heard from the two schools. He's more nervous than me. Frankly speaking, I've been having that bo-chap attitude. I haven't made that call to the schools to check with them. They will call if they think my girl qualifies. Fighting for that few places in the school, will she qualify?

Why did I bother to drive back to school thrice then. Once just to collect CCA testimonial and then the other two times to pass a form and collect it back from CCA teacher during the school holidays? Nope make that three times to pass a form and collect it back. (So in total I drove back to school four times) I don't know why.. I thought I printed out the correct extra form, I put it in an envelope and drove to school. I didn't check it but somehow something nudged me to open up that envelope to check. I was walking to the office when I gasp in horror. OMG! It's the wrong form!! I didn't bother to go into the Office and drove back home again to print the correct forms and then drove down again. When I was walking to the car upon realising my neligence, I wondered if that was a sign to me - that this DSA application is simply a waste of time. 

Even if she gets selected for interview, she already has that "I don't want to get into this school" persona. She might not want to open up her Made of Gold mouth. Ultimately, it's also time wasted. Plus I didn't make her memorize a 'trying to suck up to the school' script. She'll just appear in that school doe-eyed. 

Somehow, I begin to feel that this whole DSA thing has gone too war-ish and elite-ish. 

A friend related to me she overheard a Chinese mother berating her son after the GAT test. I began to think of the tense atmosphere in GAT test hall; in holding area for interviews & in interview room. Strangers will look at one another as enemy. Friends may suddenly look at each other as an opponent. People will be selfish and not share information. Parents will accompany their kids in support, just like a coach of a boxer - they tell them how to knock down opponent; give some water, rub the boxer's back, wipe the face. 
I was shock to learn that there's DSA Preparation class, DSA Interview class and what nots. Ehh......Is it a real prep class? Desperate parents might fall for the tricks just like this clever conman did. This is absolutely crazy! 

Two girls in the school I heard have applied for 7 and 6 schools repectively. Wow! I think that's overrated. One of them is a high scorer, always the Top 3 student in her class (Tier 1 class). And she's getting tensed up and I heard she even cried. Why? DSA is suppose to help a child get into a school , not to break him/her apart even before the interview. 
So, they have 7 and 6 schools all lining up for them. If they're not accepted into their dream school they're simply taking any school that accepts them? 
2 - 3 schools is sufficient. Interview time is conducted during July/August which is during the Prelims. So instead on concentrating on revising for Prelims, these kids go from schools to schools for their interviews. Sigh..... I dunno if their parents pushed them into it or they did it in their own accord. Whatever it is, I better keep my mouth shut incase I offend some people reading my blog. 

DSA is now also being used as a footstool for those high scorers so that they needn't feel so strung up during PSLE. So what has that "we're looking for talented students who can contribute to our school" fineline become of? 
Since the school has so many applicants, how are they going to select the students for interview? To narrow down, the logical thing would be by results. Then those deserving talented kids but poor in academic may be axed out.
Years down the road, I'm sure some parents will cry foul over the whole DSA process just like parents cry foul over the P1 registration every year. 

The disadvantage of being accepted into a school by DSA-CCA is that time will be spent on trainings. The poor child has to be very independent to study on her/his own. I've heard of incidents where some kids are asked to leave the school for poor results.  

I will not be angry if my daughter is not asked to go for an interview. I always believe things happen for a reason. If it's meant to be yours, it will be yours.       

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