Friday, July 18, 2014

God Bless their souls and their families

Was at the computer when I read the news of MH17 crash. At first I thought it was some hoax news and looked at the webpage. "Yup! I'm on Yahoo news not Facebook." Reality sank in, gasped in horror. "Not again?" With MH370, there's that glimmer of hope that the passengers and crew are alive in some remote place. But wit MH17, it's confirmed.

Our lives are really in the hands of God. We can go any time; any where. So before we go, we must make sure that we show our love to our loved ones.

Differing theories, conspiracies etc etc.... Yah everyone can say what they want, suddenly everyone became a forensic expert, CIA etc.. What matters here is, the poor innocent lives lost. And what's left behind are anguish for the families. Time can never heal the pain of losing someone close to you.

SQ also took the same route. It could have been us, moreover SQ was 25km away.  
I'm certain crew who arrived back SIN on that CPH flight would be shaken after hearing the news. 

I remember when SQ met with that crash in Taipei, I was packing my cargo bag for a long haul flight the next day. Should I tell my mom I love her?
At Control Centre, the mood was sombre, alot of whisperings amongst crew. Even if we bumped into someone familiar, there's no laughing or loud exchange. We were asked if we were alright, if not we could step down from the flight. Whatever was the agenda in the station we were going, we still had to fly. Who's gonna get the work done? We step down from the flight and get on another flight, does that matters? But I'm sure the mood in MH is far worst.....

God Bless their souls. And pray for strength for their families

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