Saturday, July 12, 2014

Skip PSLE?

This morning, che-che told me that a girl will not be taking her PSLE. Her dad is going to work in USA for 3 years so she's going before her Prelims. "She's so lucky......I wish I can......." I know what she's going to say. I wish she can skip too but we can't just skip PSLE for a few reasons.
1) No confirmed place in school over there yet
2) Are we just going to dump everything all of a sudden and move over when house is in a mess, everything is unplanned. And school starts in Sep. So what? Is she going to repeat Primary 6 in Sep there or jump into Secondary 1? Impossible also right?
3) It took a year for her friend to move to MEL so by correct process time, we should also need a year to settle everything. Correct? We got the news in June 2014, so by June 2015 we'll move over. Hey! I'm dealing with two school going kids leh! Not nursery or kindy kids where I can just grab and go. I prefer to finish writing the last chapter of a storybook before closing it, not leave the chapter haphazardly written.
4) The girl's dad knows how long he'll be there. We have no idea how long we'll be there. Whatever it is, she needs to sit for the exams here first.

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