Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy Busy

Hubby left on 27th July and that makes me being on solo for 15 days. Tiring! A few days back I had this sharp pain on my head, so bad that I wanted to just do nothing but I couldn't...... as PSLE Oral was in less than a week. SCARY!!  In the end, I had to sacrifice Aricia's ballet and Berries on Friday so that I can rest at home. I napped for 30 mins when che-che was doing her work (good thing we got back home early as it was National Day Celebration in school) and the next nap of 1hr was when che-che had her tuition. Poor mei-mei grumbling away.

Although I'm used to this solo act, whether hubby's in Singapore or not, but I have no one to taichi to now. Usually on Fridays, he'd help me pick mei-mei up from Berries while I would have finished some chores. But now, I'm rushing through with no break in between. 

I guess I was so busy was also partially because I was preparing for Teacher's Day gifts, mei-mei's birthday goodie bags, and some of che-che's Children's Day gifts. All these are probably 自找麻烦 but I'm just so used to preparing stuffs for che-che's classmates during Children's Day, this would be the last gift from me. 
I had been sleeping at 2-3am, waking up at 5+ - 不头痛才怪!But I'm glad I've finished the Teacher's Day gifts and mei-mei's goodie bags within 10 labourious days.The Children's Day gifts preparation - just left with a little more thing to do and that's it. But that is like in 2 months time?? Hahaha! 
Perhaps wondering why the rush? Cause I needed to do more decluttering around the house, I can only do so when my mind is off from all those things. 

I haven't had proper sleep too, not when I have two horrendous SLEEPERS sleeping with me. After two nights, I gave up and asked one girl to sleep on the floor. Starting with the ------ Smallest size but occupy- so-much-space girl!! She likes to curl her body (foetal position) so either way she always makes me and hubby sleepless. And this girl likes to KICK and SLAP too! 不要看她小小只,她踢的时候很痛,她打的一把掌也很痛。Then when che-che sleeps with me, that King Kong girl roll to my side, I push her back she rolls back to me. 
Hmm..... I think the best solution would be me sleeping on the floor instead. I'll let them kick and punch and squash each other.     

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