Tuesday, July 15, 2014


为什么我们有这么多东西? It's never-ending, I seem to have so many things to junk, give away. I am so numb now that I junk without batting an eyelid. It has been an on-going process decluttering, sometimes taking a break in between.

It's amazing that such a small house can contain so many things. We can't buy anymore things. Really! I've been telling family members and friends not to gift us anymore things but ..... And we can't use so quickly.
Bags - we have far too many. My girls do take care of their bags so they don't need to change their bags that frequently.
Too many stationeries, I've given away and it seems to keep coming in. From where? I dunno...if only money can come in as quickly as these things.
Shoes - need a day to check with che-che what she can fit into. Wash and give them away.
Clothes - I think I did that months ago and it seems like she has more clothes she can't fit. Did she have a growth spurt? Eh...I'm talking about the older one, the young one never seem to grow. *sob sob*

Studyroom - can't wait for PSLE to be over!! Time to throw some stuffs and keep the rests. For what? I don't even know if mei-Mei has use for it. Sigh.....
Scan in some stuffs for mei-mei  which was an on-going process as I was  going paper-less. All saved into hard-disk. ( Ahh.... That one another thing to do next time -HOUSEKEEPING the hard disk. )

I really need an extra pair of hands now. I can only do these when the girls are in school. However I'm also laden with housework, updating their educational blogs, mei-mei's birthday preparation. Am I a superwoman or what?! When they're back, I'm stuck with them in the studyroom. I'm so tired!! Can anyone help me??

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