Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Avoid the 2 bullies

I switched to picking the girls at a different gate this week, it's more inconvenient coz' it's along Marine Parade Road.

Why the switch? Lil' one has been bullied by two of her classmates at the gate. The classmates always like to tell her they are not going to friend her anymore, they hate her etc.. I know this friend - don't friend - thing is rather common with girls but I feel these two girls have gone overboard. It has come to a point that sometimes lil' one gets so disappointed  and angry.

Am I making a big booha over this? Perhaps it's not bullying you will say. But how would you explain when the girls will do so when che-che is not around or when che-che's friend is not around? The moment they see them walking, they cowardly keep quiet. Useless! But bullies are cowards! I thought there's no way I can confront them coz' the next day lil' one still talks to them in school. I scold lil' one "No backbone!" 

Two of them, K and D. D has gotten into trouble in school, chided by VP before. Security guard also says she's too naughty at the gate. The other girl, K, always instigates others not to friend so and so. She's like the gang leader ordering people around. And someone she's the fiercer one amongst the two. Another incident was when I found out she was the one scribbling a sentence with a "hell" word in mei-mei's school journal. I dare not tell her mother it was her daughter who wrote that when she asked me once. Not good kids I'd say.

Oh well.......will avoid them. Anyway, we might only be there for another few more months so might as well avoid confronting their parents too.      

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