Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's your answer? Is that your final answer?

Drumroll please .............

Hubby accepted the offer. He will be in Shanghai in August, leaving me to torture the girls alone. I'll have to support che-che through PSLE period all by myself. I'm so tired... no help...no support ....

He also needs to be there to feel the job. If don't like, he comes back and everything remains the same for us. Boat anchored. 
Which means another bad news for us. December holiday plans all burst with the bubble.  
Our initial plan was to go USA, then when he got the offer he said maybe we'll have to go for a shorter holiday to .. the kids decided Hokkaido. But now, he confirmed "cannot go Hokkaido, have to go Shanghai" Haiz!

I'd still be torturing che-che in her trecherous journey to PSLE. Must work hard, I'll do as per normal. Men always have that simple pack and go attitude, but women think alot (which is why we age faster than men) so I must cover che-che's backside first.

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