Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats

I'm not that enthusiastic in preparing so much treats this year. Perhaps it's of the lack of time I have now compared to last year and the year before. And I really do need the rest as much as I can.... after fused out/ sucked out of my internal energy end of each day like a martial fighter.

Even the goodie pack was ahem - SIMPLE! I didn't go back to MMI; I didn't prepare any for mei-mei's St Hilda's friends coz' not appropriate lah!

I bought these for my girls. I like the Blood Drips - meimei was screaming in the supermarket when I told her it's blood and "hey! it's your blood group - B+"
I bought a few big packs of these Reese pieces. And simply gave out without wrapping them up or tagging it.
I gave some of the shortbread cookies to che-che's friends too.
On Halloween, while taking a short break myself after the intense coaching. I decorated these chocolate cookies for my girls.

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