Thursday, October 6, 2011

Children's Day Goodies

Simple goodies for the children. This was a bulky task - having to pack for 120 kids.

I turned cross-eyed alternating the RAINBOW of colours. But they do look pretty, don't they?
With the tags stuck on the favor bags. I was only going to present this and the bubble to the kids. Didn't have time (and energy) to pack.
But it's unlike of me to try to ignore, I feel rather uneasy. In the end, I packed goodie bags for some other kids. Thankfully, I always have my ready supply of bags at home. Printed out these cute labels and painstakingly stick on every favor bag.
Che-che complains that every year I make her carry heavy bag of goodies for her classmates. I then became so considerate and decided to do these name labels. Rather costly for a mere 20 sticker each kid but .... it's flat and it's compact.
Each girl in her class was given this and the skittles goodies
I also prepared this for both girls' classmates. Was really tired.

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