Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To do :

Che-che's exams has yet to begin but I can't wait for it to end. I have so many things I need to do.

1) Call HDB to check on our toilet.
It seems like there was a leak between the wall, water seeped out to the corridor area when there's high usage on the shower head. Could be some piping problem.
Then again, reminds me never to trust those idiot guys who put up their services on the papers. They do rubbish job!! Months back we noticed some bubbles appearing on the wall. Water came out when you press it. Hubby called for that idiot guy, who said there was a leak in the piping and then went down to his vehicle to get a brand new tap thingy. Our point was, why change that if there's piping problem. Changing it won't solve the problem right? And that guy had the audacity to charge so high for one stupid tap, which I can get cheaply at Sim Siang Choon. I told that to hubby before I left the house for the girls' swimming lesson.
All I knew was I was greeted by a slop job of installing the tap. In the process, our blue tiles cracked and he didn't bother to "mend back" or do a sealant. And made it worse, there was a small chip in our shower recess area. $%^&!!! And the tap was slanting!! What the ??
My dad does a much better job. If not for the fact that this had to deal with plumbering, which my dad wouldn't know, I would have asked him to help me. I like the way he drills the wall nicely and do the cover up for us so beautifully. If I had known, this fraud idiot guy- dunno how he can bloody convince hubby, was going to really drill and install the thing I would have called dad.
Now the wall leaks again and we're absolutely not calling that stupid idiot fraud guy! Our skirting seems to be popping out too, darn! Worried about termites so had to keep inside dry. Currently the girls are asked to shower in our room. As for helper, she has to shower with the bucket and boil water if she needed to use warm water.
I could have called them to come over during the PSLE marking days but no ..... I wasn't going to take the risk of the noise around the house when I desperately need peace and quiet to go through work with che-che.

2) Get contractor to make new glass panel for our display unit. Weeks ago, the panel dropped out for no reason bringing all the trophies tumbling down, dropped things from the first shelf to the second shelf. It was a pity too that our cute souvenir from NZ had to be discarded. But must be grateful too that the rests of our prized souvenirs were intact. Thank God too the girls weren't there with me when it happened.

3) Throw out things in the cupboard. I haven't had any time to do major housekeeping. Actually it's difficult to do so when you have one big garang guni and one small going-to-become-a-garang-guni girls at home.
I've been telling a friend that I have things to donate to the orphange in Cambodia. Some are really good and new things. So I need to clear them out. Clear some things probably for the Salvation Army too. KZ was eyeing on my stuffs and did ask me to give her some to give the children there way before. I didn't comply coz' I found out from her that she intended to give to those children with parents and family. I'd rather give to orphange! But she also did say that the orphans needed more. The girls were abit hesistant when I told them I was going to clear some stuffs but they kindda agreed with it.

4) Clear my flashcards and Shichida-related stuffs. I don't have time for them anymore, lil' girl is sad. Kept asking if I was going to print new flashcards for her. But as the girls grow up and prioritizing what is the most important thing to do, I'd rather concentrate on their academic aspects.
After I clear that space in the study room, I need to re-organize their books.

5) And my photos???? Holiday photos in 2008, not compiled into the album.

6) Che-che's reward chart for one whole year including abit of last year's. Oh my! I've the scoreds tabulated down on a piece of paper and che-che can't wait for her reward gifts. Different gifts for scoring different marks. Makes me wonder, why sometimes she can do so well for those top school papers but .... when it comes to her school papers .... *bang head" for the amount of careless mistakes she makes.

Argh! So many things to do but so little time.

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