Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween ??

It's been a quiet month leading to Halloween. I didn't prepare any Halloween treats too for any of the girls' friends too. I needed a break, moreover I can't imagine the response I'd get if I suggest giving something to the children in St Hilda's. Immediately, I'd have pastors coming over and pray for me thinking I'm possessed.

For the past 3 years, we had been lucky that Halloween was on a Friday, Saturday and last year was on a Sunday. Though it was the exam period, I decided to let them go trick-treating last year. But I'm really not sure about this year. I've their costumes ready but I'm so worried about the most scariest part post Halloween (horrible results from che-che)

And it's not helping much that she's given so much homework (still) at this point of time when she should be revising her work. I'm really behind time this year!

Some Halloween music to get you in the mood.

You shall wait and see if I had gone trick-treating, in this blog on a much later date.

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