Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Celebration in School - 16th Nov

It's been a real hectic week for me. Which is the reason I chose not to bake che-che's birthday cake this year.

It's that same kitty again! 3 years ago, she had the same theme. No complaints coz' kindda easy to get the goody treats in SIN. They're only allowed to celebrate in school up to P2. Good thing that mom stayed over and accompanied us.

Dropped her in school, went back home for barely 10 mins (slurp down my half-boil egg) and left to collect the cake and proceeded to school from there. FT let them down earlier than usual since it's post-exams period.

Her cake - I had requested for the figurines to be on the side, as thought it would take alot of time trying to take them out carefully before cutting

Athena and her FT

Aricia giving out the goody bags to Summer
These are what I packed for the kids this year.
1) Japanese snack
2) HK Pocky sticks
4) DIY-ed HK chocolate.
5) Hersheys chocolates
6) Sour plum sweet
7) Pencil, sticker, bubble
Packed some for her teachers too! (sans stationery and bubble - which are too childish for them)

The figurines
It's amazing how I can do all these co-ordination within 2 weeks of late nights

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