Monday, November 22, 2010

MMI Concert - 14th Nov

My lil' girl is going to dance on stage. It's going to be her first performance on stage and mummy is so excited. We missed her last concert the year before, so this year I told hubby that we're not going to miss the concert no matter what. It's a good thing the school had the concert during school term, which means we'd be stuck in Singapore.

Months before I had a sneak preview of them doing their practice. I didn't know what they were dancing - I asked Teeacher S if they were doing an Indian Dance. Nope! But the action that my girl did really looked like an Indian dance. I was laughing at the way she dance - she's .... let's just say dancing is not her forte.

Progressively, I've noticed her hands movement look like "shoo-ing chickens away". Cute lah! I know it's bad of me to laugh at her but can't help it when it does look funny.
In the morning, I put on makeup for her. She looks so kawaii. Ah doh! She's so skinny.

Posing for mummy @ home
When I continued snapping, this lil' girl started to 'model' for me. She started to sway her body. Ooh! Everyone would love this model -- but wait till they see her temper
Declan and Aricia
Aricia : ai yoh.... I'm so shy... cannot leh my mummy know we pak-tor (dating)
Declan : Oops! I think she spotted us holding hands. Let's pretend to do the 70s boogie dance
Outside the auditorium

Graduands from 3 different centres

>A skit was put up by MMI (Katong). When the curtain was drawn and the kids stood up to dance. I heard a man talking to his wife in mandarin "you see that girl is the smallest size." Who else is he talking about?? My girl lah! Even the lights man can recognize her - goes to show she hasn't grown much since last year??
My lil' naughty girl had to lift her feet at the end. ?!?!

Ah ha! Now I know where the "hurry! hurry! get water." comes from. She shouts that when we're showering her. Haha!
At the ending of their whole skit. She hopped to the stage (that the mummy's heartbeat hopped as well); she swayed - was enjoying the music. Her friend, Allegra, then started to enjoy herself too. The 2 girls was swaying to the music
Audience cheered them on and waved goodbye to them. Kids were so happy, even my girl started waving goodbye. Good! I always knew my girl didn't have any stage fright. (but mummy do - now I know I'll have stage fright everytime she needs to perform coz' she'll do funny things on stage)
After 2 long hours, it was the finale
I'm so proud of her! Picture of her and her 2 teachers, the other couple are the owner of MMI (Katong)
Daddy's little girl
Mummy's little hula girl
Lunch at Vivo City. We're all famished!

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seemz said...

hi, came across your blog by chance...noticed you sent your kid to MMI katong. thinking of sending my kid there too... wondering what you thought of the school? do u have an email address i could reach you at?