Monday, November 22, 2010

Final Showtime - 15th Nov

It's the final showtime by the P2 girls. No more concert next year onwards, I'd have 2 years of break before getting involved in mei-mei's concert in 2013. On one hand, I'm glad I don't get involved for the next 2 years (3 days of going back to school). On the other hand, I'm going to miss the girls. They're really sweet girls not like the ones I took - sobbing; highly emotional kind.
Packed some chicken siew mai and sausages for the girls, just in case they want a bite. Instructions had been given to bring snacks from home. But what to do if you've got 30 growing up kids who go hungry fast right?
Must admit, this group of mummies here really take good care of the girls. I will miss working with them as a team too! Fun team to be with, dunno whether we're helping out or playing. But ... despite our many challenges, we've worked really well as a team.

Photos :
Opening Number - Tina Turner's Simply The Best
Photo taking
Rehearsal in the music room
Girls chilling out in the room, playing in groups
Getting ready to go on stage
It's showtime, EM2!
After that, it was rush for us to get them ready for their Speech N Drama item. For this, we had the help from the S&D guys with the makeup. Wow! It's Halloween in EM2.
Oh this is so fun!!
My girl is a fairy

Helping out the Wizards
Ohh.... such cute ghostly girls. And who's that witch?

Back in the room. Just some stupid fun. I've been surrounded by The 4 witches of Emerald Town.
The choral girls
The super mummies
Thank you gift from Ms Raman and school?
Snacking out before the finale
Finale Song - You Can't Stop The Music
After the finale, lil' girl went to look for her sister.
Back in the room, removed makeup for some girls
I packed some goody bags for the girls. In the end got questioned by che-che that I was lying. Keke! Why? That's becoz' in their tag I wrote as "from all the Aunties". She told me she knows it's clearly from me so why did I lie when I told her not to lie. Hmm....

With that, we said our goodbye to the girls. Though we will see them in school, some may not be in the same class anymore.

I'm so proud of you, EM2 and most importantly - che-che

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