Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Ball - 24th

Birthday girl is up before me .... wah....mummy only had 4 hrs of sleep. So tired!
2 of her friends came by in the morning. I had a quick bite, thank goodness mom came by with fried beehoon. I ate some to fill my stomach as I might get too busy to eat.
Left home at 9+. Party is from 11am to 1pm, but I needed to put up some decoration; set the food table.
Arrived the place at 10.20am to see a nicely decorated place beyond my expectation. Wow! I didn't put up my decoration except to paste the Tiara Club rules on the door, which I think nobody paid attention to it. Heehee!
I spent some time to set up the food table. It's a good thing there's Delifrance below. I placed order a few days before and simply collected them there. There's also Bakerzin and an Italian restaurant which could not prepare my food in time for me. So, chose finger food from Delifrance instead. Scared my guests starve leh!
The next best thing about this place is that Cold Storage is smacked on the same floor as Curly & Spike. I didn't have to worry about the drinks. Apart from the heavy 12 bottles of water I lugged there (coz' needed to do label at home what!), I bought the packet drinks from there. Only setback, no chiller to chill drinks.
They styled up my birthday girl first, to get ready for the party. Slowly her friends came, they were either occupied with their makeover or doing craft. Aricia, though came early was the last or second last to do her makeover. Sigh... she was busy running around.
I noticed too, that office workers while walking past commented "so nice". Some stop to see the table so I assume they must be referring to the food table not the internal decorations. I feel so flattered. *embarrassed*
What's for mum-mum?
1) Tuna and Curry puffs
2) Ham & Cheese croissant
3) Sandwiches
4) Cut fruits - bought from Delifrance as I was collecting the ordered items
5) Snacks such as : jellybeans, agar agar, pretzels & chocolate (which was given away individually later as nobody knows its meant for them), marshmallows, popcorn, chocolate
Not a lot of that is sustainable for lunch. So I do apologize to my guests. But it's hard to find places to do small catering. No time to cook at home, that early in the morning. When KZ had to help me prepare breakfast and get the children ready for me.. how to cook?

After everyone had their makeover, they did a catwalk.

Birthday song was sung.

Goody bags given out. Athena gave out their membership cards as well. Gathered the kids and Queen Kelly was tasked to read out the 10 rules of being in the DAZZLING GIRLS club. And the girls finally graduated and became Princesses in this club. Keke! Some girls were puzzled, asked me "what to do with this card?" Hmm... 10% discount? No, my dear. It's this bor-liao Aunty trying to find some nonsensical thing to do.
My lil' girl holding out her membership card
With that, the party ended. Thanks to all her friends' presence who made this party possible. Thanks to staffs of C&S who gave my girl a wonderful experience. And not forgetting, thanks to this mother who gave birth to her, right?

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