Monday, November 22, 2010

Playdate @ M's place - 12th Nov

We had been honorably invited to Mag's place with all the kids after school. 6 girls, all in their blue pinafores, came into the house noisily - thanks to May Ling who kindly brought all the kids from school.
Lunch was served. The kids had a dip in the "pool" thereafter, a nice way to cool themselves in such hot weather. No doubt I was really tempted to join in the fun. They improvised the game "Duck, Duck, Goose", where they poured the water at the word "Goose", then the girl will walk around doing the same thing to the next girl. The girls were really enjoying themselves, the sparkle in their eyes .... ooh.... makes me want to be a young child again!

A nice clean shower followed by playtime in the room upstairs with a kitchen toy, having 6 kids they can have customers, server, cashier etc.. Of course having so many kids too has its problem, someone or two inevitably gets bullied or left out. Sigh... mummies will say "play fair", once we close the door we don't know what happens behind.

The kids kept themselves occupied, they played badminton, they play hide n seek (which my lil' Aricia was bullied - always the seeker and when someone was found, she'd run after her and she'd be running away from her. Soon a group of children started running in circles)

I didn't know that che-che could play a little of badminton. Well, looks like I'd need to get her a racket and we can start playing. (wonder if I can find time. See lah! Bought the kite for so long and haven't even done the 'official opening' yet!)

Ice-cream man came by and they happily ran out of the house. Oh! How I miss the ice-cream man coming by our house when we were younger. And there was the bread van too! Honestly, I still prefer those 'old-fashioned' bread better than our Gardenia or Sunshine.

8 happy kids licking their ice-cream

Aricia was responsible enough to insist to go for her music lesson.. ah ha! Nope mummy didn't go in the end. (in the night, she questioned me again). The night came to an end when the old folks couldn't keep their mind awake; their eyes open. The kids had bounds and leaps of energy.
Thanks for letting us turn your place upside down. We'd love to do that again sometime.

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