Monday, November 22, 2010

CHIJ Katong - 80th Anniversary

To mark our school and the 姐姐 (Secondary) school's 80th anniversary, 4 celebrations were held throughout the year. And as the year 2010 draws to a close, the final event - KC Carnival was organised with a big bang.

Che-che was looking forward to this day - 20th November 2010. I was too! Coz' I haven't stepped into my alma mater since I graduated in 1992. Somebody please tell me that my calculation is wrong - that was 18 long years ago! 想当年我是一个十六岁的小女孩!! I wanted to see how much have changed in school, I longed to see some teachers who are still serving the school faithfully. I'd love to walk in the school grounds and be transported back to good ole schooldays.
But alas! che-che had to wake up feeling sick! I delayed the time to the afternoon. Perhaps we did receive blessings - it rained. Making the weather nice and cooling when we were there. But then, she wasn't in the right mood and that kindda affected me too. She wasn't willing to give up her remaining tickets to her uncle. Sigh...
We didn't spend much time there. She was grumpy, which I can understand but she didn't want to give it away; then thinks like I owe her the whole world for being sick. ?!?!
I bump into 2 teachers (as hoping to meet my FT but didn't), and ... they were the ones who recognized me. OMG! I must have left a deep impression on those teachers. Or perhaps was I a teacher pet? Heehee!

Photos :

Come 2030, KC would celebrate its Centennial anniversary. Maybe by then 3 generations of KC girls would be present? The grandma = me, the mother = Athena and her daughter = my grandchild. *gasp* I can't imagine what my life would be like at that time? Line dancing? In CC's singing classes? Baking? Haha! Or maybe give Shichida home sessions to my grandchild.

Happy Birthday, KC!

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