Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teacher's Appreciation Lunch

In appreciation of our teachers, the CPC in school organized this. I have no idea when this originally started but I know they had this last year. I didn't attend it last year so thought with better time planning (or so I thought) I 'd contribute something.

I can't cook - and I blog to tell the whole world. The next best person is KZ. She helped cook Mee Goreng using premix from this brand. Can pass off as catered food. You should try its Mee Rebus too.

Mee Goreng Re-plated in the school. Apparently I forgot to snap photo before the luncheon start. business liao! (3 packets of noodles all inside) Many other food but I'm only interested in desserts. I like the Orange Butter cake. Initially I had wanted to make eclairs for the luncheon but the whole process is very tedious and tiring. Plus saw so many contributions for desserts already so gave up the idea.

I'd love to try the carrot cake (round cake, on the left) but I love it black. (char kueh!) - hahaha! Cartoon jellies sponsored by my friends. Lana cake sponsored by another mummy - which I didn't get to try. Heard so many people raving about this cake. By the time I decided to try, it was gone! Notice that I only take photos of food I like. Teachers *************

The kitchen is small, KZ and me fought over place in kitchen. I wanted to bento something for che-che who would stay in school until her enrichment class starts. (didn't want to drive to/fro so proceeded to class from school). Decided at last minute to do pasta, coz' this is the only time I can give her pasta piping hot.
Last minute job. Prepared for 3 other girls as well. Packed in cutlery pack, with a honey sweet. And cheese biscuits Winnie The Pooh pasta with Pooh ham. Flower and heart-shaped eggyolks eggs - which didn't look nice. Boxed up and put in a bag (hoping to keep food warm) - but alas! food was a little cold. Hmm.... looks like I really can't bento hot food in for my kids The 4 girls. Another P1 mummy was so kind to prepare food for the other children too. The teachers dined..... while the kids embarked on doing their homework after their lunch.

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