Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On a baking frenzy to make up for the lost time this year.

I prepared the Pastry Cream (Crème Pâtissière) and Chocolate glaze yesterday. This same old recipe is rather tedious, not the usual mix with custard powder or use whip cream as filling. But with such tedious steps, you know the end results are simply délicieux. *muak* This time round, with more practice, the Crème Pâtissière and glaze are thicker - helps in spreading them out on the eclairs without dripping. Thick and sinful! Had a feeling that the cream and glaze are going to taste much better too coz' I used the couvertures for my chocolate fountain.

Choux Paste (pâte à choux) was prepared this morning after I dropped the kids in school.

The plain doughs that will soon be transformed .........
into these delectable desserts that you can't stop popping into your mouths. Hmm.....never get to use my filling piping tip at all since I bought it long time ago - I like my eclairs short and cute (just like me) so obviously can't be filled that way.
more presentable looking with Mr Glaze glaze on. I'm a chocoholic so put lots of the filling and glaze. Nobody's complaining!!
(to the tune of The Ants Go Marching One by One)
Eclairs go marching 5 by 4. Hoorah! Hoorah!
Eclairs go marching 5 by 4 . Hoorah! Hoorah!
Eclairs go marching 5 by 4
They are going to my tummy now
And they all go marching down to my mouth
To my throat, to my stomach. YUMS! YUMS! YUMS!

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