Friday, August 20, 2010

And finally the other is pierced too!

Ever since she had her right ear pierced and looking really ridiculous (she wasn't too bothered at all), I had been nagging at her to do the other side.
Defiant as she always is, she insisted she was not going "to pong pong anymore!" Strong-willed girl.

I just need to get it done, friends have advised me to wait... not to rush.. but I'd like to finish my tasks asap.

On Thursday, it took me and another friend more than half an hour to convince her, we failed. Duh! Can't believe it, two older folks can't outdo the little girl.

Finally today, she managed to get it done. Still, it needed some coaxing, some lies, some threats ( can't sleep in our room on Fridays until she gets her ear pierced).

Her reaction? "Ow! I want to see mirror...." Classic comedy! And her reward, she asked for her 'cockroach eggs' - pearls tea drink. Ai yoh, so easy to bribe her...if only it was that easy to convince her in the beginning. But I'm going to put that behind me and jump for joy for now.

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