Saturday, August 7, 2010

L's BD bash

The kids were really happy when they were invited to L's birthday party. They kept talking about the party the few days before and today they kept reminding me about the party the moment they woke up.

The kids were happy when they saw a balloonist twisting the balloons. What they like is the uncle made very nice balloon sculptures. Takes a long time to do one but worth it to see it on their happy faces. There's face/hand painting as well. Aww.....I wish I'm a young kid once again. Kids are really fortunate these days as compared to our time.

Here, my girls are waiting for their balloons. This Snow White belongs to mei-mei
Thank you, Uncle!
che-che with her Hello Kitty
Oh! Did you see who swam by?
I like to see the varied colours balloons (but so scared)
The birthday girl
Puppet show
After the puppet show, mei-mei continued to queue up for her painting. See the way she sits?!?! How to be Miss Singapore??
Mei-mei happy with her bunny
Che-che and her My Melody
Oh! Apart from the food which was alot! There was this Popcorn cart as well. It's a hit with the kids!
I love the cake. Wish I can do something like this.
Birthday girl and the girls

See the expression on the two girls' faces. They moved their heads when the cake was being pushed from left to right, mouth wide open. Asked the cute girl's mummy, she's the same age as mei-mei. Mei-mei is 5 days older than her. Well... who knows, maybe they would have met in the Nursery if they were born in the same hospital.

The cake is delicious! The kids didn't want to share a piece, so greedy took one each. They couldn't finish so KZ and me had to help them. Aw! Spoilt my diet plan. Wasn't suppose to eat any cakes now. Next few days must gambatte!

The nice Ariel
The kids didn't want to go back home. Especially che-che who was having a great time playing with her friends.

It was a fabulous party!!


M said...

Wow looks really grand party- gorgeous balloons, facepainting and cake!

Lily Ann said...

Popcorn cart, lots of food, puppet show. The kids had a great time