Sunday, August 15, 2010

The day my lil' girl was so brave...........

Mei-mei kept pestering us to have her ears pierced. Asked her upteen times, she insisted she wanted one. (total opposite from che-che hor!)

This kept on for days, and my girl is rather persistent. In her ever squeaky voice, she'd bugged you until you give in to her.

We were in Chinatown today and she reminded us again. Went in to Onn Cheong only to be told to come back later as the guy was out for dinner. As we left, she asked "where's my earring?"
We went on to have our dinner as well, she told us in her authoritarian voice "quickly eat finish. I want to make earring."

When we stepped into the shop, they thought che-che was the girl. Their eyes turned to look on to the smaller and shorter girl - Aricia - in great surprise. (surprise meh? This girl knows what she wants)

She selected this pair of star-shaped earring Very happy girl!
Getting ready. Cleaned her ears with an alcohol swab
A dot here and a dot there

The man then told her "close your eyes", she can tell him "no I dowan close my eyes, I want to make earring." LOL

Nice hor? I often feel that girls should have their ears pierced at some point in their life
Admiring her earring........

WAIT! I haven't said what happened after the last pic taken at the top. She cried for a while, refused to do anymore. Staff told us to come another day, they'd do it for us. No point coz' my girl will remember and will refuse again. We tried holding her down - ahem in other words we were forcing her to do the other side. Small girl very agile. 3 people held her also no use. At one point she struggled, the earring dropped from the gun. (diverting a little. Che-che covered her ears coz' she thought it was a real gun. ?!?! - my family's so drama) Staff gave us another new pair.

So now, she's got it on one side. She's happy - really happy coz' she did get her earring. But we're not!!
She can't help but keep looking at herself in the mirror. In the car kept looking through the rear mirror, hubby told her "you look like a pirate!" Haha! I thought that was really funny. "no daddy, I am not parrot I am a girl." Hahaha!
She has that nonchalant look when we told her she needs to have the other side pierced as well. Knowing her it can be hard, unless we have the co-operation of everyone around her teasing her about her ears or wish for 's pixie dust. Or perhaps 's help in knocking her out. Sigh.......

She didn't seem to mind at all. Infact she must be happy with the attention she's getting.

In this picture she was talking on the phone with grandma (later on her aunty - my sis) saying
"my left ear have no earring, my right ear have earring. I look pretty on my left, ugly on my right."

伤脑筋. It's a knotty problem we have here. Is she going to have that one and only ear stud? And now that we have a spare stud - who shall I give it to? Che-che for navel-piercing or mei-mei for nose-piercing??

*why didn't we look for the 2-man modus? Coz' she was so persistent that didn't have time to look around anymore. Plus she's the kind - when she wants it she wants it. We didn't think that she'd back out >>

(cont'd from title).............. till she backed out!!

Video 1 : Click on this link if you can't view it

Video 2 :
*notice how she pouts her lips at the end of the video.

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