Sunday, October 8, 2006

Can we spoil a kid by......?

Aricia, as compared to Athena, demands more attention from us. She likes to be carried, she'll cry until you have to go over to pick her up. Then when you think she has fallen asleep and put her down - you will hear her about 5 minutes later.

Hubby says "try not to carry her too often. You'll only spoil her." But can we really spoil a kid just by doing that?

Personally I feel that even as adults, we yearn for the need for nearness, contact and security - what more to mention a baby who's suddenly brought out to the world. And moreover when they start walking; crawling they would be so interested in their new skills that they do not want to be carried. So, why not carry them as much as you can now right?
When a child feels loved, they tend to draw closer to their parents.
When a child feels loved, they tend to be sensitive to the feelings of the people around them - and naturally have high EQ

So, do you carry your child all the time? And what so you feel about this issue?

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