Thursday, December 1, 2005

Good buys? Impulse buys?

Did some shopping today, first stop was Aussino as there was a 50% discount on bedding for Kids. Ended up buying 3 pc towels to match Athena's bedsheet. I went to Happy House and was looking around for girlie ornaments to put in her room. However I quickly stopped myself as I remembered what the heck I was shopping for girlie things when she wanted a Pooh theme. I should instead look for things that will make her room looks like a 100 acres wood. I think I will go down again tomorrow after my gym to see if there's anything else to buy, afterall it won't kill to have 3 sets of beddings items right?
Did some other buys and I think the real impulse buy was a dress from Marton-Bell. I like party dresses (that's the good thing about having a girl). Very sweet so I hope to get invited to someone's Xmas party.............

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