Thursday, December 29, 2005

Life is so unfair

Life is so unfair. I know people are born and will die but I can't accept the truth that one of my ex-colleague had left this world.
It was just the usual yearly Christmas E-card I send to her and yesterday her husband emailed me and told me the news that she had left to be with the Lord on 14th June 05. June?? 6 months ago??
I couldn't help it but just burst down crying. She was a great lady in her 40s, she was my shifu in the bank I used to work. First impression I had was "cham lah... she's so fierce." But it turned out looks is deceiving. And after I left the bank to join the airline; got married and gave birth 2 years later, she was there always for my new chapter in life. She was there for chats and definitely not gossips but she gave alot of motherly and worldly advise. It's a real pity that I wasn't in touch with her for 9 months or so. My heart goes to her loved ones, especially Alvin and his sister who simply adores their mom .
I know she is with the Lord now.
(But it's weird to delete her name from my diary)
Thank you Karen very much. I am really sorry I wasn't with you before you left.

* We should treasure everyone around us. Perhaps you should give your friends and loved ones a hug today and tell them how much you care *

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